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We are goflar. The next generation in golf. Focused on the millennials, we reach a target group that is not currently reached. With our experience we know exactly where the opportunities arise and together we can take them.

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There are 71 million millennials worldwide. Think how many opportunities these are. Let’s reach 1% worldwide and add 710,000 potential new golfers to your business. Together we can join forces, together we are the next generation.




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we join forces, together we are the next generation

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You work with millennials, we understand what the target audience wants

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We are based in the Netherlands. You can reach all of Europe from the Netherlands.

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There is an option to ship your products directly from Europe. Contact us for the possibilities


We specialize in marketing and have experience with new brands


We are available online 24/7. Note the time difference.

Nothing is impossible, if you can dream it. Strive for the unattainable, get the maximum.
Dennie van Buuren
Become a partner. Together we are the next generation

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We are not from the golf world. And this is a huge advantage, from my background in marketing and nudging we see opportunities, dare to think out of the box. Go Goflar

The Netherlands – Groningen

From the Netherlands you have all of Europe at your disposal. With Brexit ahead, this is the ideal time to look further. We believe that the market is far from being reached. With Goflar you can reach the new generation from a different point of view.

From 10-10-2020 we will officially go live. We are available 24/7 online, but take into account the time difference.

You can reach us via social media or send a message to contact@goflar.com

We would like to get in touch with companies in the golf industry for a possible cooperation.

We focus on a new target group. Not badly intended, but the golf world is a closed world that is not accessible to ordinary people. You hold on to old familiar ways, we make golf accessible to the millennials and the talented youngsters. With us you can reach the new generation, because we are the new generation.

From our background we know exactly how to reach young people. We do not ask for an opportunity, we offer the opportunity. Contact us for a collaboration, together we are the new generation. Are you in?

Goflar is a Dutch brand aimed at next generation golfers. We are your ideal intermediary who bridges the gap to the unreachable target group. Together with us we bring golf to the next generation


The Netherlands


Email: contact@goflar.com

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